Gelid Zentree

Gelid Zentree Smart Docking Station for iPhones and other smart devices


I’m sure you can relate to the daily struggle to get hold of single charger everyone needs at the same time. Who ever grabs it first, holds onto it with dear life. And world war erupts for the next half an hour. Lately manufactures have come out with an infinite range of docking stations. However what differentiates Gelid Zentree docking station from the rest is that it’s SMART.

Gelid Solutions is no newcomer to the industry. Incorporated in 2008 their roots stem from high quality CPU coolers and case fans. The Zentree is Gelid Solutions latest product offering. It offers to charge 4 USB devices at once with an impressive output of 2.4Amps per port. Some of you might just say “Oh no not another USB Docking Station”. Honestly I wouldn’t blame you considering the sheer number of cheap alternatives out there. The interesting features going in favor of the Zentree is its Smart IC. It auto-negotiates the best charging current for your device and shuts-off power when the battery is full.

Here are the specifications of the Zentree as given by Gelid Solutions:

  • Active Mode Efficiency: >87%
  • Dimensions (l)x(w)x(h) (mm): 224x159x95
  • Idle Power Consumption (W): 0.04
  • Max Output Current (A): 2.4 per Port
  • Number of USB Ports: 4
  • Power Output (W): 48 (total)
  • Weight (gram): 590

The Zentree came to us in its original retail packaging. By looking at the detail put into the packaging we’re hopeful the Zentree will deliver as promised.

At first glance one would never guess what the Zentree is. It’s certainly a unique looking device. The green color stalactite shaped silicone cover is no doubt an industry first for a device of this nature. Opening up the box you’re offered the following:

1 x Zentree Smart Docking Station
1 x Power Cable
4 x USB – Micro USB Flat Cables
2 x Self-adhesive plastic fasteners for cable management
1 x Instruction Booklet

Gelid Zentree Accessories

The decision to go with flat USB cables is definitely a positive thing to avoid cable tangles. It’s interesting not to see any iPhone lightning cable being included with the package. The decision rests no doubt on cost; as such one cannot find fault with Gelid Solutions for going down this path. Also be aware that the power cable included was a non-standard Australian cable, so you will need an adapter before plugging into the mains.

Gelid Zentree Power Cable

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