Neon Light Kit


Nowadays Neon Lights have made a revolution in the lighting industry. The NY Time Square is infested with exquisitely bright advertising signage boards triggered by Neon Lights. In the 90’s manufactures were quick to sight the growing opportunities in the Neon Lighting industry & thus came up with various apparatus, which add-value to products, consumers patronize. Not so long ago that Auto Mobile Manufactures developed Neon illuminating lights to brighten up Dash Boards, brighten up beneath the steering wheel & pedals and also Neon’s to illuminate the undercarriage as well. All the trendy folks lined up to grab their hand on these. The neon fad is fast growing and thus very lucrative. Trendy folks love it! The latest addition to this trend is the Computer apparatus manufactures. The modern trend setting computer enthusiasts strives to grab their hand on super fast, user-friendly machines with an element of exclusive touch. Hence, they like their machines to look beyond the conventional attire. Yeah, something out of the box! is one of the premier manufactures of case modding apparatus ranging from Nail-Screws and Window Kits, the list just goes on. The Neon Light Kit is the latest addendum to their repertoire of apparatus. This bluish Neon Light Kit embraces an element of authenticity, exclusivity & elegance to your computer system. What’s more it brightens up your life as well 🙂

Product Analysis

The Neon Light Kit package from contains, a 12″ Neon Light Tube, a pre-wired car adapter connection. The MOD Kit comes with a SPST switch, four molex pins, a molex connector, an already wired molex connector, two screw nails and two pieces of double-sided foam tapes.

The SPST switch could be mounted either, in or on the casing, wherever convenient to you.


Power 3 Watts
12″ Length 17.5625 inches
12″ Breadth 1.25 inches
12″ Height 1.25 inches
Color Bluish
Switch Width 0.75 inches


You don’t have to be an expert to install this device to you machine. Just basic common sense would do the trick! At the outset, you should decide where to mount the SPST switch. You could mount the switch into a faceplate of appropriate size.

Thereafter, by using a basic driller tool cut through the marked circle of the faceplate precisely. For this endeavour, obtaining the services of a Dremel, would be very effective and most recommended. However, you could use what ever fits the task, on your discretion. After which, fix the switch into the cut mould, and its done!

Fixing the Neon tube is very swift thus simple. Just smear the included double-sided mounting tapes, on the bottom of the Light tube and place it in the case. Finally, pass the wires through the inside of the case and connect the pass through molex connector. That’s it! Power on the unit and hit the switch! Enjoy the exuberant eye pleasing elegance, illuminating from your case.

Apparently, I haven’t had the opportunity to use any of CaseEtc Neon Kits before, but this device came pre-wired for a car adapter. Initially I had it fixed on my car (Hidden away over the pedals to bring out a lovely glow). It sure is an eye catcher to boast of to your friends. Exquisite craftsmanship by CaseEtc! I simply love it!

Pro’s & Con’s


* Easy installation process
* Elegant performance
* Fits in the case well


* Usefulness is in question

Conclusion’s Neon Light Kit is an exquisite device of its kind. The device embodies swift installation and effective illumination, adding value to the looks of the computer system. The bluish radiant image is a treat to look. Simply adoring! What’s more, the package consists of all that is needed to install the device. However, for ordinary folks, who are not much into fancy apparatus, the Neon Light Kit wouldn’t thrill them at all. Hence, the usefulness is also questionable. But nevertheless, if you’re a trend setting, thrill seeking folk, then… this device would definitely fascinate you immensely…you’ll simply love it.

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