Cold Cathode Light Kit


Case modifications is one of the biggest crazes at present times. In fact it is as big as overclocking. It is no wonder big manufactures like Lian-Li are catering exactly to these requirements. I hope most of you read our review on the Lian-Li PC75 server case review. When was the last time you heard of a server case with a window kit? Well this proves that there’s two thumbs up for case mods. You’d be amazed to see some of these mods people do to their cases. However if you can’t be bothered going into extreme case modifications, adding a neon light is one of the easiest and coolest case mods you can do.

I remember the first time I got hold of a neon light kit for my case around two years ago. Only now do I realize how bulky and hideous it looked.

However now there are new players in the market; they’re called Cold Cathode Lights.

As we mentioned before, installing a Cold Cathode light kit in your case is definitely one of the easiest case mods you can perform. Only thing you need extra is a window kit so that you can enjoy the beauty of the light at work. Cold Cathode(CC) lights are a bit different to conventional neon lights. Firstly CC lights are much brighter than neon lights and secondly they are no longer as bulky as the neon light kits. Their thickness is around ½ a inch more than a normal writing pen. These characteristics make CC lights the most suited product for case mods.

Today we bring to you one such Cold Cathode light kit provided to us courtesy of PC Case Gear. Check these guys out, they have some really cool add-ons for cases as well as other accessories. They sell products ranging from cases, window kits, power supplies, Lazer LED’s, speakers and many more. My favorite are the Klipsch speakers these guys are selling. Boy now they would sure look great with my system. It would be lovely to just drop into their shop to look at all the goodies they offer.

The difference between conventional CC light kits and the one we’re looking at today is that, it is also sensitive to sound. Imagine how this light would react to the loud thumping of a sub under your desk. Hmmm… now that’s a thought isn’t it.

PC Case Gear does a great job in ensuring that the light kit remains intact upon delivery. First, it’s tightly packed into cylindrical tube which is then covered with about a meter of bubble wrap. This pretty much guarantees safe delivery to your location. Thumbs up for PC Case Gear for making customer satisfaction one of their main priorities.


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