NSG S0: World’s First Fanless Chassis for High Performing PC

NSG S0 sample pictures:

We would like to share with you some pictures of the NSG S0 taken in Shenzhen by Clément and Quentin. The main goal of this trip is to validate the final design and the assembly of samples produced by our manufacturer. If needed, some details will be corrected and then, golden samples will be produced.

Handmade NSG S0 samples:

For this picture, we used a graphic card from another Calyos fanless PC, but you won’t need heatsink in addition to the cooling with your NSG S0. As soon as results of thermal tests will be known, we will update you.

We also want to remind you that deadline for your graphic card choice is coming. We will need to know which card you will first mount in your NSG S0 before September, 25th in order to receive the good fixture. You can contact us directly via Kickstarter inbox or via ewo@calyos-tm.com.

We wish you all a very nice week.

Calyos team

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