Cold Cathode UV Fan Grill & UV Reative Tubes


Lately we have seen a significant increase in demand for UV (Ultra Violet) based lighting products among case modding enthusiast. Catering to this increasing demand, retailers are bringing out various add-ons to attract every possible customer. PC case gear is one such retailer who has been able to capture a significant market in the Case modding arena. Take a look at the wide range of UV products they offer and see if you like any of the products.

UV based products are relatively new comers to the PC case modding, Cold Cathodes were the most sort after before they came into being. Even today Cold Cathodes have a very high demand due to the fact that retailers are coming out with more improved versions almost on a monthly basis, nevertheless UV products will still capture a significant demand. Today we take a look at two relatively new UV products PC Case Gear (PCCG) offers, the Cold Cathode UV Fan Grill and the UV Tubes.

The Cold Cathode UV Fan Grill

The Fan grill PCCG sent us was a black UV kit producing a purple effect once it’s turned on. The CC Fan grill comes fitted with an inverter and a power switch and a Velcro pad for mounting the inverter.

Next I went about attaching the fan grill into one of the rear case fans in a Lian Li PC6099B case. Remember that you need an 80mm sized fan to attach the fan grill, and screws to attach the grill aren’t provided. Basically you need to use the same attaching clips used by the fan, and if they don’t fit there are many other ways in which you can attach it to the fan.

Closer examination of the Fan grill shows that there are two CC UV lights fitted inside the Grill. One’s located in the center ring and the other is in the outer ring.

Okay time to see how it looks. Pictures were taken at night because it looks damn cool at night:)

I was quite surprised to see how bright the grill was considering how small the CC lights that were installed. The really cool thing about UV lights in contrast to normal CC lights is that almost every surface the UV light lands on starts to glow in a special way. Some of you would have experienced this at night clubs, remember how your clothes start to glow when you go under a UV light? Well it’s just like that, except that now it’s your PC.

If you have a water cooled system, don’t forget to get the UV die that PCCG sells. The effect is simply unreal. Furthermore they also provide UV paint, so that it can be applied on any part of your Case and once a UV light falls on it, it’ll start to glow. If you want to turn your case into something all your friends will awe over, then I certainly would recommend you getting them.

Next product in line is the UV reactive Tubes. This is also another add-on product to complement the UV lights. The UV Tubing kit comes in four colored tubes; Red, green, orange and purple. The tubes in themselves are very flexible and can be twisted to shape any desired shape. To add some support to them, the package also comes with a thin wire, which you need to insert into the tubes to provide them with more rigid-ness.

How you arrange the tubes are totally dependent on your imagination. You can create cool designs with much ease since the tubes are totally flexible. Above are pictures taken of the UV tubes under the CC UV fan grill.

Another great thing about these UV products is that at a small cost you can add a whole lot of glow to your case. You simply cannot get the same effect by getting ordinary Cold cathode lights. It’s simply amazing to see how two small products like the UV fan grill and the UV tubes could add such a rich look to your case. THe pictures shown here don’t really show the true effect you see in reality. It’s certainly much nicer.


I wish I could have found something negative to say about these products. Unfortunately I cannot think of any. They’re priced just right and they work like a charm to enhance the look of your case. If you’re currently looking at adding some color to your case, look no further. Get hooked onto some of these cool UV products. It’ll definitely not disappoint you.

Cold Cathode UV Fan Grill UV Reactive Tubes

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