IN WIN Ammo 2.5 inch SATA HDD Enclosure with RFID

When it comes to portable hard drive enclosures your choices are pretty much limitless these days. Prices for these can vary from $10 – $60 depending on the brand you choose and the features they offer. The widespread use of these devices while brining in immense convenience to consumers, has also opened up substantial data security issues as well. There are countless number of known incidents where confidential data has been breached due to the use of portable drives. While data security is a major concern with portable enclosures, surprisingly very few companies actually address this situation.

Having identified the growing need IN WIN have come up with a rather innovative and technically appealing solution for the masses. Today we introduce you to IN WIN’s Ammo portable hard drive enclosure. Essentially the uniqueness of this device is that it only allows you to access the data stored in the enclosure once you scan the provided RFID tag against the enclosure.

Features and Specifications

Unique Ammunition Design
Thinking out of the box, In Win is proud to present an innovative design for conventional external HDD enclosures. The AMMO, a 2.5-inch external HDD enclosure with an ammunition cartridge design, features state-of-the-art shock and vibration absorbing padding, secured stainless metal case, excellent thermal solution, durability and an easy-to-grab texture!
Military-like Anti-vibration
Ammo is a most convenient HDD enclosure for those who are always on the go. With excellent secure portability and a durable metallic case, the AMMO is synonymous?to military-like anti-shock and anti-vibration attributes providing the user a complete peace of mind!
RFID Technology
Ammo contains RFID technology with waterproof type design bringing security up to the highest level and becoming the ultimate companion and the perfect bodyguard for your precious data!
The unique ammunition design with RFID security and stainless metal combined with military-like collision proof independence exemplifies the true character style of the AMMO!


Data Transfer:
USB2.0 up to 480mbps (60MB/s)
USB High Speed (2.0)
1. Windows 2000/XP/Vista
2. Mac OS 9.0 and greater (FAT)
145 x 85 x 20mm
Data Security:
RFID Data Encryption
HDD Support:
2.5” SATA Hard Disk Drive
1. CE
2. FCC
3. RoHS
3 Years Limited (The PCB board and USB 2.0 Cable are covered under the 1 year warranty)


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