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You ask most PC enthusiasts, one of the most overlooked components in most PC builds is the Power Supply Unit (PSU). You buy the latest and greatest of hardware components but never stop to think how those components will be powered. Most seasoned system builders will tell you that the PSU of a machine is critical to its smooth function.

In the past we have reviewed two PSU’s from renowned PSU manufacturers such as OCZ and Tagan ; however none of them surpassed the 1KW mark. For most users going over the 1KW mark is very much overkill yet there’s a large community out there who’s thirst for power never seems to be enough. This is the market group we’re focusing on today with this review of IN-WIN’s commander 1500W (1.5KW) PSU.

With energy saving appliances being a buzz word these days one might question the usage of high powered PSU’s. The mere fact that you use a 1.5KW PSU doesn’t mean it’ll draw 1.5KW of power all the time. It simply gives users more room to expand their hardware as desired and not worry about loosing power. In fact most high end PSU’s are more energy efficient than their lower end counterparts.

When we talk about PSU’s IN-WIN would rarely be the company that would come to your mind. They are mostly popular for their supply of high quality PC chassis. Over time they have ventured into many avenues and now produce high quality PSU’s, Mobile enclosures in addition to their main product line and today we take a look at one of their high end PSUs in the market; the Commander 1500W PSU.

About IN-WIN

IN-WIN Development Inc., an ISO 9001 manufacturer of professional computer chassis, power supplies and digitl storage devices, is the leading provider of enclosure solutions to system integrators worldwide. Founded in 1986, IN-WIN provides high quality chassis that conform to all safety regulations, as well as unsurpassed customer service.

In-Win (http://www.inwin-style.com) has become a leading, top-notch manufacturer of core technology in order to meet market and consumer needs and demands. Our company’s management team has laid a strong foundation in terms of eight major elements:

Innovation, Service, Speed, Value, Safety, Warmth, Faithfulness, and Diligence. These elements help In Win to remain a leader in the business realm and also help differentiate us from our competition.”



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