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Lets face facts, most wireless router manufactures claim their wireless coverage is good for 300meters, however most can’t even reach the other end of the house in the real world installations. Airlive makes a bold claim stating that they have developed the world’s most powerful Wireless-b/g/n router. With 2Watts of maximum output power, the Airlive N.Power delivers as much as 20 times more power than a conventional access point. The N.Power is the first Wireless-N router to provide 2000mW output power with the included 3dBi antenna (1000mW without antenna).

What’s most impressive is the fact that Airlive have tested the N.Power to connect with another N.Power at 2.6km distance in open space using the included small indoor antenna. Note that’s 2.6Kms without any high powered external antenna but simply using the same device on two ends 2.6kms apart. No matter how you look at it, this is very impressive and certainly a great step forward. Nevertheless we’re never to take things at face value, so lets find out how well the Airlive N.Power works in real life. 

Airlive npower

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