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Diamond Multimedia is one of the forerunners of the portable MP3 player industry, with a breed of amazing and affordable unique innovations. Previously, we reviewed and commended fairly, of the Diamond Rio 500, which we found out to be a uniquely featured product with an element of human touch integrated in it. But nevertheless this time round, Diamond had rejuvenated its older player, with an exquisitely stylish version, the Rio 600, targeted towards the Young and Vibrant trend setting folks. So, if you consider your self as one of them, this product would definitely fascinate you. No doubt about it…

The Diamond's à la mode, the Rio 600 has a unique personality of its own, coupled with trendy sporty attire. The curvaceous nature of the design and the fully featured LCD display unit illuminates the products superiority and grace.

Thus, Diamond too is sailing with the new hip trend; the introduction of customized paraphernalia, similarly to which prevails amongst the Cell-Phones. As a result, you could personalize the player with removable "faceplates" to match your own unique style and desire. For this endeavor you could choose from an expanded array of eight different soothing colors; RioTone Red, RioTone White, RioTone Teal, RioTone Copper, RioTone Black, RioTone Purple and RioTone Charcoal from the Diamond's RioToneTM. So trend-setting ladies… you could choose the faceplate, which matches your outfit. Isn't that great or what?

The Rio 600 has taken a leap ahead from its predecessor, pertaining to the control buttons and the lay out design. The operational controls on the player are simplified and more so, effective. The gray-courted plastic control buttons are laid out similarly to a four directional joy pad sort of manner thus center been the Backlight controller. A single switch on top of the player controls both the Power and the Hold mode.

Nevertheless, another very useful feature which fascinated me about this sleek beauty is that its unique software competencies. As a result, at a single glance one could grasp, the player's available memory capacity as well as the battery status through two separate screens.

I am amazed at the rate of which the Rio 600 Player managed to convince me to become one of my regular traveling partners whilst jogging or driving for that matter. And also not to mention the multicolored faceplates, which, I keep on changing just to add some juice when I hang around with my buddies.


Specifications & Features:

System Requirements PC

  • Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000
  • Pentium 166 or higher
  • 32MB available RAM
  • USB Port
  • CD-ROM drive (for encoding from CD)
  • 35 MB of available hard drive space
  • MacOS 8.51 or later
  • USB Port
  • CD-ROM drive (for encoding from CD)
  • 32 MB available RAM


  • Weighs 2.4 ounces
  • 32 MB built-in flash memory, expandable to 372 MB
  • Over 10 hours of continuous playback on 1 AA alkaline battery
  • Plays MP3 (16 -320Kbps) and Microsoft Windows Media (WMA)
  • USB port connector for high-speed downloads (5 times faster than a parallel port connection)
  • Repeats one track, all tracks, or random
  • Customizable EQ
  • Select from on-board custom playlists
  • Includes earphones, USB cable, battery and software


Category: Audio Devices