MCK 9000 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo


Wireless Keyboard combo setups have gained much popularity over the past couple of months. Mainstream manufactures such as Logitech are coming up with new and improved keyboard setups to better suit user requirements. Wired keyboards will gradually get phased out of the market once wireless keyboards attract a wider audience resulting in greater price reductions.

If you’re a hardcore gaming fan, I’m sure you go through the tortures of untangling your mouse all the time while playing Unreal Tournament or any other game for that matter. There’s nothing worse than having to do this when things get really rough, and it really takes you to the edge of patience. Well the simplest solution is to go wireless. It’s total freedom and you no longer have to be limited to some cord coming from your PC.

When you decide to opt for one of these wireless keyboard and mouse combo setups, ORTEK isn’t the first to spring to mind. However they have been around for quite a while in the market, and have some unique products under their belt. Take a look at the product range on their website.

Today we take a look at one of the newest offerings by ORTEK, the MCK 9000 Wireless Keyboard & mouse package.

It seems that ORTEK have tried to implement most advanced features found on other high-end wireless keyboards into this single device. It’s certainly one of the most feature rich keyboards you could get your hands on. I have checked out a few Logitech and Microsoft wireless keyboard solutions, and none of them offer all of the features offered by the MCK 9000 in one single device. They either offer some of the features or none at all.

Okay, so lets take a close look at the MCK 9000.

The unit is shipped in a very colorful box and is definitely very eye catching. Everything was well protected to survive harsh shipping conditions. The package consists of the following;

  • Cordless Keyboard
  • Cordless Mouse
  • Receiver
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Software CD
  • Quick Start Guide


  • No Wires, No Clutter, No Hassle!
  • 27 MHz RF Technology
  • 256 Security ID Codes
  • Omni-directional operation with 5 foot range
  • Power Saving Design
  • Optical mouse provides excellent precision on most any flat,non-reflective surface
  • Unique Scroll Wheel and Volume Knob ? Instant access to Office, Internet, Multimedia and Application Functions.
  • 45 Hot Keys (12 Programmable Hot Keys)
  • Ergonomic Styling and easy tactile keys lets you work longer in comfort
  • One-button access makes many tasks up to 50% faster
  • Compatible with WindowsR 98/Me/2000/XP


  • Multi-language : English, Europe
  • OS Compatibility : Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
  • Key Layout : 103/104 with 47 hot keys + office lock key ( keys )
  • Operating Force: 65 ± 15 ( gm )
  • Total Travel : 3.5 ± 0.5 ( mm )
  • Weight : 1500(Include keyboard, mouse and receiver) ( gm )
  • Receiver Cable Length: 5 ( ft )
  • Key switches : Membrane switch with tactile feedback
  • Keycaps type : Low profile
  • Connector : 27 MHz Radio Frequency / 1.5 m for keyboard, 1m for mouse
  • Power consumption :
    • Keyboard: WORKING <7 mA,SUSPEND <60uA
    • Mouse: WORKING < 40 mA, SUSPEND <350uA
    • Receiver : < 16 mA, working mode at 5Vdc


  • Power Supply: 2 * AA Alkaline battery for keyboard, 2 * AA Alkaline battery for mouse
  • Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 60 ( oc )
  • Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 60 ( oc )


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